"Such a radiant star that so deserves this profile which will introduce her music to another generation to fall in love with."

"This engrossing documentary by Catherine Gund, and Daresha Kyi has a wealth of archival footage, including a very revealing interview with Chavela recorded in 1992. It was however the liberal use of clips of her performing through various parts of her life and career that really captured the true essence of why this legendary singer was so adored." - QueerGuru


"How does one pay a cinematographic tribute to an icon such as Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, who embodies utter simplicity and utmost complexity at the same time?  This is what filmmakers Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi achieved with their documentary Chavela, a moving and thought-provoking portrait of the enigmatic singer who helped change the way we see ranchera music and who redefined what it means to be a female singer in the macho world of Mexico."

from Pair successfully directs "Chavela," the story of an idiosyncratic star Latin Lover


"Chavela is an exceptional documentary because in 90 minutes it focuses on the image and life of the artist without shrinking away from her contradictions, her pains (she died still enraged because of her mother's lack of love for her), her passions and her talent. Yesterday in Berlin the applause was well deserved."

"Chavela es un documental excepcional porque en 90 minutos fija la imagen y la vida de la artista sin regatear sus contradicciones, sus dolores (murió aún rabiosa por la falta de amor de su madre con ella), sus pasiones y su talento. Ayer en Berlín el aplauso fue merecido."

from My name is Chavela Vargas. Do not forget. - El Pais