Choreographer Cecilia Gómez Brings Chevela's Story to the Stage

By Yurema Perez-Hinojosa

(From left) Daresha Kyi, Cecilia Gomez & Catherine Gund. 

(From left) Daresha Kyi, Cecilia Gomez & Catherine Gund. 

While Aubin Pictures was shooting in Spain, co-producers/directors Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi had the pleasure of interviewing Spanish Flamenco dancer Cecilia Gómez. In 2013, Cecilia produced "La Cupaima", a Flamenco tribute to Chavela Vargas' life. 

Cecilia studied classical Spanish Flamenco  at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Malaga.” Born in the “Linea de la Concepcion (Cadiz),” Cecilia felt an attraction to dance at an early age and continued her dance studies of “Clasico Espanol” at the Conservatory of dance in Málaga.  She continued her training at various prestigious schools including Corral de la Moreria, Café de Chinitas and Casa Patas. Gómez has toured the world alongside other renowned dancers and choreographers.

In 2010, Cecilia created her own company to which she serves as the director and lead artist. Her first formal work, “Cayetana, su pasión”  marked the beginning of her success as a choreographer.  A few years ago, she created her second complete work, a tribute to Chavela Vargas entitled ”Homenaje Flamenco a Chavela Vargas” or “Flameco Tribute to Chavela Vargas” or “Cupaima”. The dance, composed of ten scenes, follows Chavela’s life beginning with her introduction to shamanism then going through her most monumental experiences. Before choreographing the tribute, Gómez met with Chavela in Mexico to propose her idea. They discussed what the dance should encompass and what was important to highlight. Over the following couple of years they continued to meet and plan out the dance. 

Cecilia Gómez takes her audiences through a journey with every performance. In the case of “Cupaima”, Chevela Varges’ story is brought to life with each movement. Every “gólpe”, “tacón” and “punta” epitomize the passion and energy of Chevela through the grace and fierceness of Gómez’s movements. The ranchera queen lives on!

Cecilia Gomez. Photo courtesy of Cecilia Gomez's Offical website. ( )

Cecilia Gomez. Photo courtesy of Cecilia Gomez's Offical website. (