Discovering Chavela

I had never heard of Chavela Vargas until this summer, when I began my internship at Aubin Pictures. Once I heard Chavela’s story I was automatically hooked. Chavela is an inspiration. She fearlessly broke gender roles and social constructs and she lived to create music that is unlike anything else. Listening to Chavela is a truly unique experience. I struggled through my high school Spanish classes, yet I effortlessly understand her songs. This is because every word that rolls off her tongue is suffused with pure emotion. Anyone can listen to her, know what she is feeling, and feel it with her. Right now I am sitting at my desk surrounded by papers, wearing my oversized headphones, and melting into the soothing romantic rasp of Chavela Vargas’ voice, as she helps transport me from the busy New York City street sounds below. As one song transitions into the next, I feel her heartbreak, I feel her nostalgia, I feel her joy. 

Today is my last day here at Aubin Pictures. I do not want to leave the Amor Puro y Duro film process but, I have to go back to school. As I walk out of here and head back home, I am sad, but also thankful. For I have discovered a new love - Chavela Vargas - whose sound and story I will forever carry.

-Emily Rizzo